C.A.M. Minor

keyboard artist performing keyboard artist performing

A Minor in Creative American Music may be added to any undergraduate major in the School of Music. An audition is required. The CAM minor requires 17 credit hours. Depending on the major and the number of elective courses therein, the CAM Minor may or may not add additional credits hours to the degree requirements. The courses in the CAM Minor are:

  • MCY 221 & MMI 207  Anglo-American Song Traditions & Skills Lab III: American Song Traditions I (4 cr.)
  • MCY 222 & MMI 208  African-American Song Traditions & Skills Lab IV: American Song Traditions II (4cr.)
  • MCY 311 Modern American Pop Music (3 cr.)
  • MMI 307 Skills Lab V: American Pop (1 cr.)
  • MMI 308 Skills Lab VI: American Pop (1 cr.)
  • MMI 320 Contemporary Lyric Writing (3 cr.)
  • MMI 445 Senior Project/Portfolio (1 cr.)
  • Total Credit Hours - 17

MBEI with CAM minor plan of study

MADE with CAM minor plan of study

MWP with CAM minor plan of study

MUE with CAM minor plan of study

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